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    from April 2018

    Fast value transfer

    1-minute block times ensure that the BST, BlockStamp's native crypto coin, flows between users' wallets quickly and efficiently.

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    from May 2018


    Sensitivity of some transactions (take banking) requires a reliable and secure system to store the data. BlockStamp blockchain is designed for this very purpose and can offer tamper-proof timestamping of documents with 1 MB block size to store them in.

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    from September 2018

    Radically fair gambling

    BlockStamp powers a next-generation online gambling platform with provably fair gameplay, no house edge, and a huge jackpot possible on every bet.

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    Coming soon

    Meddle-resistant DNS

    Peer-to-peer clearnet domain naming ensures that free speech stays free even as online surveillance and censorship attempts increase.

BST blockchain features

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    BST blockchain

    Bases on the near-tamper proof Bitcoin blockchain.

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    2-year reward halving schedule

    The number of BST generated per block is set to decrease geometrically, with a 50% reduction every 1,050,000 blocks, or approximately two years.

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    Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm

    The rate of block creation is adjusted by DAA algorithm (similar to Bitcoin Cache - BCH).

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    Decreased block time up to 1 min

    Short transaction time means faster payment. Quicker confirmations give you more security.

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    BST Finite Supply

    The number of BST in existence will not exceed slightly less than 105 million.

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    Increased transaction size up to ~ 1MB

    One transaction can accommodate whole documents and signatures. Bigger transactions mean more data stored.

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