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    from April 2018

    Fast value transfer

    1-minute block times ensure that the BST, BlockStamp's native crypto coin, flows between users' wallets quickly and efficiently.

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    from May 2018

    Transparently sealing data

    To streamline or even preempt contractual disputes, users can harness the BlockStamp blockchain to provide an immutable, verifiable record of what data was available when and to whom.

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    from September 2018

    Radically fair gambling

    BlockStamp powers a next-generation online gambling platform with provably fair gameplay, no house edge, and a huge jackpot possible on every bet.

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    Coming soon

    Meddle-resistant DNS

    Peer-to-peer clearnet domain naming ensures that free speech stays free even as online surveillance and censorship attempts increase.

BST blockchain features

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    BST blockchain

    Bases on the near-tamper proof Bitcoin blockchain.

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    2-year reward halving schedule

    The number of BST generated per block is set to decrease geometrically, with a 50% reduction every 1,050,000 blocks, or approximately two years.

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    Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm

    The rate of block creation is adjusted by DAA algorithm (similar to Bitcoin Cash - BCH).

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    Decreased block time up to 1 min

    Short transaction time means faster payment. Quicker confirmations give you more security.

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    BST Finite Supply

    The number of BST in existence will not exceed slightly less than 105 million.

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    Increased transaction size up to ~ 1MB

    One transaction can accommodate whole documents and signatures. Bigger transactions mean more data stored.

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11,393,736.84 BST

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