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A radically fair blockchain-based gambling center.

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BlockStamp team has a long term plan for project development. We focus on creating useful tools to protect all types of users data in secure blockchain ecosystem. BlockStamp is a working platform which is available to use right now. Nevertheless, we have the exact plan and resources to implement new practical solutions for our community.

February 2019
BlockStamp Games - fully transparent blockchain casino
BlockStamp Games - fully transparent blockchain casino

Users can currently play in radically fair blockchain casino, based on blockstamp blockchain. More games will be available in the future.

Check it out here: https://blockstamp.games
February 2019
BST cryptocurrency implementation for Hprox (our partner)
BST cryptocurrency implementation for Hprox (our partner)

From now forward, users can protect their online privacy using BST cryptocurrency. With Hprox app you surf the internet 100% anonymously.

Check it out here: https://hprox.com
February 2019
Listing on Coinpaprika
Listing on Coinpaprika

BST is currently available on Coinpaprika, where you can check most important data about our cryptocurrency, like current price, volume and much more.

Check it out here: https://coinpaprika.com/coin/bst-blockstamp
March 2019
Mining Pool for BST cryptocurrency

Miners community is the key part of the cryptocurrency world. We have the exact plan to increase decentralisation of our network.

June 2019
Timestamping in online wallet

Users will get the possibility to protect their valuable, sensitive data, straight through online wallet.

October 2019
Asic Miners prototype

We are currently working on devices dedicated for BST cryptocurrency mining. This is a part of our plan to make BlockStamp even more decentralized, in line with one of the main principles of cryptocurrencies.

December 2019
DNS (Domain Name System) server based on BST blockchain

Freedom of speech and privacy are the most basic human rights. Truly anonymous DNS is the only way to restore them. Users will obtain the possibility to register their own domains in a secure system, based on BlockStamp blockchain.

January 2020
Wordpress Plugin to secure users data

About 30% of all websites are powered by Wordpress. This is definitely the most popular content management system with strong community all over the world. We want to help WP users in the protection of their content from being stolen or used in any unfair way.

August 2020
Asic Miners production and delivery

After the test period, we will produce our own mining devices. Afterwards we will deliver them to our users. It will be an important step in making BlockStamp a truly decentralised, community project.

Apps dedicated (desktop and mobile) for different segments of the market

We focus to make our solutions as useful as possible to show how powerful blockchain technology is. To bring it to life, we will develop dedicated timestamping apps, connected to blockstamp blockchain.

BST blockchain features

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    BST blockchain

    Bases on the near-tamper proof Bitcoin blockchain.

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    2-year reward halving schedule

    The number of BST generated per block is set to decrease geometrically, with a 50% reduction every 1,050,000 blocks, or approximately two years.

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    Difficulty Adjustment Algorithm

    The rate of block creation is adjusted by DAA algorithm (similar to Bitcoin Cash - BCH).

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    Decreased block time up to 1 min

    Short transaction time means faster payment. Quicker confirmations give you more security.

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    BST Finite Supply

    The number of BST in existence will not exceed slightly less than 105 million.

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    Increased transaction size up to ~ 1MB

    One transaction can accommodate whole documents and signatures. Bigger transactions mean more data stored.

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BST statistics

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1 BST / 0.00009 BTC

Total Miners Revenue

12,730,527.48 BST

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    77 seconds

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    205 BST

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  • Total output volume

    58,496,291.77 BST