50 000 BST
Collect your rewards

BlockStamp’s Bounty Campaign started on February 18th 2019.

For completing bounty tasks you will receive crypto coins that are already in circulation and listed on three crypto exchanges. No more waiting around till the end of an ICO and hoping your funds will actually have value!

That means these rewards are the real deal and they are going to quick. Don’t hesitate!

BlockStamp Bounty Campaign

Here’s how it works:

The BlockStamp Bounty Campaign will be split into several rounds. You will be rewarded for completing individual tasks such as social media likes, social media shares, and creating content.

Moreover, each round’s top performers (those who receive the most BST) will receive an additional bonus.

BlockStamp Bounty Campaign

Bounty tasks

  • Facebook Bounty

    Facebook Bounty

    Like, share, or comment on content on our official Facebook page.

  • Telegram Bounty

    Telegram Bounty

    Join our Telegram group and say “hi” or ask a question about the project.

  • Reddit Bounty

    Reddit Bounty

    Like, share, or comment on content on our official Reddit page.

  • BitcoinTalk Bounty

    BitcoinTalk Bounty

    Write a constructive post or give a report in our official BlockStamp thread.

  • Vloggers Bounty

    Vloggers Bounty

    Publish an original video about BlockStamp.

  • Partner Program

    Partner Program

    Recommend participation in the BlockStamp Bounty Campaign to your friend.

  • Twitter Bounty

    Twitter Bounty

    Follow, share, or comment on our official Twitter account.

  • Medium Bounty

    Medium Bounty

    Applaud, share, or comment on our Medium content.

  • YouTube Bounty

    YouTube Bounty

    Subscribe, like, or comment on our official Youtube channel.

  • Blog Bounty

    Blog Bounty

    Publish an article about BlockStamp on your website.

  • Quiz or Survey Bounty

    Quiz or Survey Bounty

    Answer questions or share your thoughts about the BlockStamp project.

  • Bug Report Bounty

    Bug Report Bounty

    Describe and report a bug in the relevant channel

Basic rules

  • Only one social media account is permitted per person. One person can complete all types of tasks.
  • Likes, shares, etc. must not be withdrawn for at least two weeks after the end of a campaign round.
  • Social media accounts must have existed for at least 90 days and have other activity apart from this campaign.
  • By taking part in this bounty campaign, you agree to abide by all these rules and that your personal data may be processed accordingly.
  • You can participate only once in each bounty round.
  • Bots, spam, and other automatization tools for likes, shares, etc. are not permitted.